Have you ever put all your energy into creating something in the kitchen for others only to have them turn their nose up the instant they find out it's vegan? Recently, I have been cooking for people more often outside my family circle and the negative responses I have received from some before they even attempt tasting the food has been enlightening. When I cook it is my goal to have those people who are scared of a vegetable based diet have a more open mind to animal free food and not fear the vegan!

Having been raised meat eaters my husband and I often crave the dishes we grew up eating. Much of my free time is spent reading recipes so that I may mimic our favorite meals of the past animal free. Ideally, I would like to post a minimum of one recipe a week. Unfortunately, working a full time job doesn't always make that possible. I love a challenge so if there is anything you are craving from your past let me know and I will attempt to recreate it. Enjoy!