Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meatout 2011 Raffle

In honor of Meatout 2011, Don't Fear The Vegan is raffling away 3 canvas bags.  In our normal fashion we are running a little behind and have not completed the artwork to give you a sneak peek but we can tell you that they will say Don't Fear the Vegan, have tasteful vegetable artwork and give a shout out to the organizers of today's event at Meatout.

 Raffle rules:
1. Leave a comment on this post saying "Meatout" or:
2. Leave a comment on our facebook page Don't Fear the Vegan saying "Meatout". You will have to "like" us first. 
2.  Do steps 1 & 2 and get two entries.
3. All entries must be received by midnight March 20th PST.
Winners will be announced on Monday March 21st at 7PM PST.  Thanks for participating in Meatout. Good Luck!

Make sure to checkout the other great bloggers involved in this event at Meatout.  Also check out our recipe for the event: Vegan Corn dogs. We are a start up company but our blog recipes are up for grabs and we are advertisement free (except for today to show our support for Meatout.) If you like what you see it would would be great if you could "like" our page on facebook and share with your friends.  Thanks for visisting Don't Fear The Vegan.

Phillip, Steffi, and Anzia


  1. Thank you all so much for participating in the Meatout bloggers' event! I love that you are doing a giveaway and what better than a bag? I happen to have a tote bag addiction. Yes, some people like shoes. I like bags. So I am entering! Meatout! I am so glad to have your site as yet another awesome recipe resource too! I always need help. Am anxious to take a look around at your special creations! Look forward to seeing the art work - no matter who wins. And by the way - we are currently having an Animal Rights Conference Logo contest - sounds like you all might be interested in whipping up a logo??? Thanks again and Cheers for all the animals! ~ Cindi

  2. I, too, am addicted to bags :-).
    I'm sure I'll be back to check out some recipes (being that I am also addicted to vegan cooking).

    Happy Meatout! Dawn

  3. Meatout--woo! :)

    I'm always looking for recipes, so I'm happy to have been introduced to your site.

  4. Raffle winners are:
    Jill (Jill of Ark), Dawn (Vegan Fazool), Amber Dye & Skott Daltonic. Please email your address to:

    Thanks to everyone that participated!